Michael Taylor - Your Traffic and Lead-Generation Coach

Michael A. Taylor – Internet-Marketing Afficionado
& Lead-Generation Coach

Born and raised in the nostalgic city of Boston Massachusetts. I went on to join the Army at the age of 17, and ended my career of 29+ years with an Honorable and proud military retirement.

My driving passion is for being a successful entrepreneur. I have been on a quest and journey in the challenging and rewarding world of Intenet and Network Marketing. One must have the proper mindset to succeed in this journey for a successful outcome toward ones goals and dreams. I have also gathered that one should look to develop their mind-set in a way to stay away from the competitive approach and focus and use your creative talents to rise in your journey toward success.

I have also found along my journey, one must take action to see results of any kind. Which includes the ups and downs of finding answers and solutions that are needed to succeed. Also, nothing is more powerful than to be working with a team of like-minded people venturing on a journey for success and you being the leadership needed to make it happen for all involved. A Team Concept is without a doubt an unbeatable power when all are sharing and focused on Growth and Financial Independence.

There is also a key factor in being a part of a well sought after niche. When you have a niche such as this, the first step is already taken care of. It is just getting the word out to a unlimited number of people whom want to take advantage of the same opportunity or gain certain solutions, as well as showing them you can guide them along the way to success. This is as long as we are following proven techniques of marketing and stepping out of the box when needed to be more creative and gain a personal USP.

Indeed, it is also extremely powerful, when you have faith that the Supreme Creator only wants all of us to be as talented and successful as we search to obtain for ourselves and share with others.

Learn from your mistakes and grow with your lessons learned and remember ethical and targeted duplication can be a shortcut to proven success.

You can never go wrong giving positive gratitude for where you are and indeed for where you will be going…


Michael Taylor
MichaelTMarketing, LLC